Our Story - "Behind the Yellow Food Truck"

One Family's Dream Coming True

Island style shaved ice is a phenomenon of the South.  Matt and Elizabeth Winquist fell in love with the idea of creating a business that sold mouth-watering shaved ice, while offering a unique and relaxed family-friendly environment.  They are excited to bring this unique hot spot to the local Altoona area community.

BrainFreezerz' shaved ice is not your average sno cone!!  Shaved ice is like pure, freshly-fallen snow captured in a cup.  It locks in your favorite flavor so it tastes great all the way down to the last flake!  BrainFreezerz currently offers 36 of the most loved flavors, unlimited flavor combos, and delicious toppings.  Who would have thought to top off your cup of shaved ice with sweet cream or fresh fruit?!  Thousands of people in the central Pennsylvania have tried BrainFreezerz and LOVE it.  This business is a dream come true for Matt and Elizabeth.  BrainFreezerz is more than the shaved ice.  There is great value in a clean and family-friendly environment that offers refreshing music, fun games, and staff with smiles on their faces.  We want our customers to feel like they are on vacation while they are with us.  We have now successfully completed two seasons.  Here comes season number three!